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A white book on a blue background with the title Northern Formations and a geometric design

Northern Formations launch


Preview: Yorkshire Sculpture International Summer 2021 Programme

07.07.2021, by Tessa Norton

Edward Allington: Things Unsaid 

29.11.2019, by Tessa Norton

Yorkshire Sculpture International at the Henry Moore Institute

09.09.2019, by Pamela Crowe

Senga Nengudi

28.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture

29.08.2017, by Saffron Ward

Aleksandra Domanović: Votives

11.04.2017, by Simon Boase

Latent Voices: How public art of the past can speak in the present

Henry Moore Institute, BALTIC, Bessie Surtees House

14.02.2017, by Amelia Crouch

Eleanor Antin

22.10.2016, by Michaela Hall

My Own Mag: Jeff Nuttall and the British Underground Scene

13.05.2016, by Thom Robinson

A Lesson in Sculpture with John Latham

25.04.2016, by Laurence Piercy

Katrina Palmer, The Necropolitan Line

21.12.2015, by Anna Ratcliffe

Paul Neagu: Palpable Sculpture

19.11.2015, by Clare Nadal

Gego. Line as Object, The Henry Moore Institute


Nicolas Deshayes, Crude Oil, S1 Artspace


Indifferent Matter – From Objects to Sculpture, Henry Moore Institute


Helen Chadwick at Henry Moore Institute