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Screen in a dark room showing the edge of a symbol in close focus.

Before, During & After: Here Now (How To Keep The Balance), Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom

24.11.2023, by Sylvia Carpenter

Three seated figures made from plywood, on each figure a plant is growing. Painted on the gallery wall behind are human-animal figures transforming into plants.

Survey II

19.05.2022, by Orla Foster

A view of a gallery corridor, with a bright blue wall at the end.

Re-collections: Susan Hiller, Elizabeth Price, Georgina Starr

25.03.2019, by Amelia Crouch

A still from a film showing a person's face among a pile of hay and grasses. Their expression is pained.

Daria Martin: A Hunger Artist

19.04.2018, by Lucy Holt

Anna Barham – Double Screen (not quite tonight jellylike), Site Gallery


Mike Kelley, Mobile Homestead Videos, Site Gallery, Sheffield


A digital model. A close-up crop of a mouth and nose.

Anna Barham

25.03.2013, by Lesley Guy

Ernest Edmonds – Light Logic, Site Gallery

27.11.2012, by Lesley Guy