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A large well lit gallery space. The wall in the background is covered in a repeat pattern wallpaper. There is an abstract picture on this wall. To the right are a series of unframed prints of repeating patterns, in different colours. In the foreground are a number of plinths with ceramics displayed.

Jacqueline Poncelet: In the Making

15.04.2024, by Michele Allen

Two stacks of publications on a grey plinth. The jackets read 'SOFT''

Fiona Larkin and Ian Giles: Soft Structures

26.11.2023, by Lesley Guy

A blue transporter bridge over a stretch of river in an industrial area.

People Powered: Stories from the River Tees

27.09.2023, by Steve Spithray

A blue cyanotype print with white silhouettes of figures- some stood in pairs and others individually.

Reflections of a curator in lockdown

04.06.2020, by Aidan Moesby

Why Are We Here? With Black Artists & Modernism

04.05.2020, by Sara Makari-Aghdam

mima Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art Fragile Art

Fragile Earth: seeds, weeds, plastic crust

25.07.2019, by Steve Spithray

Georgina Starr: I, Cave

13.05.2015, by Annie O’Donnell