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A documentary photograph of the workshop being discussed showing the artist Youcef Hadjazi and workshop participants

Trauma Then, Trauma Now: Performing Trauma

04.11.2021, by Mymona Bibi

Black Blossoms at The Royal Standard: If We’re Going To Heal, Let It Be Glorious

27.09.2017, by Grace Edwards

Leanne Cook / Zarina Muhammad: Seen by Everyone

20.08.2017, by Jacob Bolton

The ‘thinking-business’

17.05.2017, by Laura Rushton

Dark Matter Symposium: The Unseen World of Artist Led Activity

12.09.2016, by Sean Ketteringham

Long white gallery space flanked on the right with a long window. Art objects line the left-hand and back wall, and lie dotted around on the floor

On to the next, MUESLI

16.06.2016, by Jonathan Ferguson

Live Laugh Love: The White Pube, MUESLI

09.06.2016, by Felicity Black

(It’s All) Tropical present Blind Date

02.03.2016, by James Harper

External Machines

02.05.2015, by Denise Courcoux

Black Sun Horizon, The Royal Standard, Liverpool


James McLardy


CAVE Art Fair & Service Provider at Liverpool Biennial 2012