Open Eye Gallery

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A white walled gallery with photographs hung in a line at eye level

LOOK Photo Biennial 2022: Climate

20.02.2023, by Leah Binns

A dark place reminiscent of a cathedral with lots of small shapes of bright colour.

Peer to Peer: UK/HK – Online festivals as a gateway to intercultural exchange

13.11.2020, by Christie Yung-hei Chan

Lots of photographs on a white wall including portraits and candid group shots.

The Time We Call Our Own

22.10.2020, by Bethany Holmes

Open Eye Gallery: What Is Kinship?

14.07.2019, by Sinéad Nunes

209 Women at Open Eye Gallery

30.04.2019, by Claire Walker

It’s all Material – Snapshot to WeChat: A Migration of Identity

30.05.2018, by Callan Waldron-Hall

Another Look: The Pier Head – Tom Wood at Open Eye Gallery

12.03.2018, by Kenn Taylor

The Pier Head – Tom Wood at Open Eye Gallery

11.02.2018, by Aoife Robinson

What is Socially Engaged Photographic Practice?

25.10.2017, by Eli Regan

Culture Shifts: Local at Open Eye Gallery

16.10.2017, by Grace Edwards

LOOK/17: Liverpool International Photography Festival

18.04.2017, by Jack Roe

North: Identity, Photography, Fashion

30.01.2017, by Anthony Ellis

Open 2: Pieces of You

10.05.2016, by Claire Walker

Peter Fraser: A City in the Mind

16.07.2015, by Georgina Wright

Tim Hetherington, You Never See Them Like This, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool


A Lecture Upon the Shadow, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool