Georgina Wright

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The ‘thinking-business’

17.05.2017, by Laura Rushton

LOOK/17: Liverpool International Photography Festival

18.04.2017, by Jack Roe

Stephen Forge: Downwards

20.03.2017, by Devon Forrester-Jones

Public View

20.02.2017, by Laura Rushton

North: Identity, Photography, Fashion

30.01.2017, by Anthony Ellis

Tracey Emin and William Blake: In Focus

18.10.2016, by Claire Walker

ABC Cinema, Liverpool Biennial 2016

15.10.2016, by Anthony Ellis

Different Trains

04.10.2016, by Simon Ward

Dark Matter Symposium: The Unseen World of Artist Led Activity

12.09.2016, by Sean Ketteringham

Franko B


Jenny Steele, An Architecture of Joy

04.08.2016, by Tom Emery

Josh Whitaker & Perce Jerrom, Mayhem Totes, Michaelangelo, Serge de Nîmes, The Death Suite: Binary Control Van Halen, The Death Suite: Chair etc.

14.07.2016, by Sean Ketteringham

Long white gallery space flanked on the right with a long window. Art objects line the left-hand and back wall, and lie dotted around on the floor

On to the next, MUESLI

16.06.2016, by Jonathan Ferguson

Light Night Commission: Afloat, in Land, Leggate Theatre

09.06.2016, by Claire Walker

Live Laugh Love: The White Pube, MUESLI

09.06.2016, by Felicity Black

Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms

19.05.2016, by Eli Regan

Open 2: Pieces of You

10.05.2016, by Claire Walker

Double Act: Art and Comedy

22.04.2016, by Anthony Ellis

The Royal Standard at Le Temple Du Gout, Nantes

28.03.2016, by Margaux Foucret and Harlan Whittingham

(It’s All) Tropical present Blind Date

02.03.2016, by James Harper

Simon Job: Painting, Photography and Collage

27.02.2016, by Claire Walker

Winter Exhibition Launch

07.02.2016, by Simon Ward

Slower Volumes by James Parkinson

02.02.2016, by Jon Ferguson

Liverpool Provocations: A Series of Artistic Interruptions

30.01.2016, by Simon Ward


22.12.2015, by Anthony Ellis

Works To Know By Heart: Matisse In Focus & The Imagined Museum

07.12.2015, by James Harper

Niamh O’Malley: Glasshouse

23.11.2015, by Jack Welsh

Liverpool Biennial: Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists’ Social Initiatives, The Black-E

11.11.2015, by Jake Thorne

Old Woman on a Roof

04.11.2015, by Simon Ward

Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots

16.10.2015, by Claire Walker

Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions

10.10.2015, by Eli Regan

Down in the Dumps

28.09.2015, by James Schofield

Henry Northcroft Brown and Joseph Whitmore



05.08.2015, by James Harper

Peter Fraser: A City in the Mind

16.07.2015, by Georgina Wright

Deep Hedonia & A Small Cinema present BROADCAST

29.06.2015, by Jake Thorne