James Schofield

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James Schofield is an artist-curator, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria Editor of Corridor8 and current PhD researcher based at the Exhibition Research Lab at Liverpool John Moores University. His research is focused on artist-led practices and organisation in the UK post-financial crisis and the relationship it has with neoliberalism, globalisation and network culture.

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Chinternet Ugly

02.04.2019, by Beth Dawson

Simeon Barclay: Life Room

17.03.2019, by Jazmine Linklater

Megan Powell – Get Stabbed and Boogie

13.03.2019, by Andee Collard

Charwei Tsai: Bulaubulau

28.02.2019, by Claire Walker

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

19.01.2019, by Claire Walker

John Walter: CAPSID

19.12.2018, by Lucy Holt


13.12.2018, by Claire Walker

Manifesto and the future at Rogue Artists’ Studios

08.12.2018, by James Mathews-Hiskett

Re: work

06.12.2018, by Nicole Coyle

And Breathe…

28.09.2018, by Steve Slack

Furnished Archipelago

17.09.2018, by James Mathews-Hiskett

BiblioTECH: from bookshelf to big data

20.08.2018, by Claire Walker

The Future Is Bright, The Past Is Colourful

19.08.2018, by Robbie di Vito

Empty Vessels

15.08.2018, by Robbie di Vito


25.07.2018, by Beth Dawson


29.06.2018, by Miles Knapp

Sliced Units

22.06.2018, by Claire Walker


20.06.2018, by Bob Dickinson

Machines will watch us die

21.05.2018, by Abi Mitchell

A City of Two Tales (Leeds to Manchester)

10.05.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist

Beacons | Signs

02.05.2018, by Claire Walker

The Square

01.05.2018, by Mor Cohen

NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists

25.04.2018, by Jessica El Mal

Cecily Brown: Shipwreck drawings

24.04.2018, by Robbie di Vito

Never Gonna Give You Up

22.04.2018, by James Mathews-Hiskett

Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler: The Scar

28.03.2018, by Jessica El Mal

Tipping the Scales

27.03.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist

Scrub Transmissions

25.03.2018, by Steve Hanson

Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce

19.03.2018, by Miles Knapp

Break in Transmission

13.03.2018, by Andy Broadey

Beacons | Flare

01.03.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist

Beyond the Pylon of the Pit

21.02.2018, by William Noel Clarke

Making, A Life: The Peter Hodgson Retrospective, with Peter and friends

20.02.2018, by Claire Walker

The morning has gold in its mouth

12.02.2018, by Michael D'Este

John Stezaker

09.02.2018, by Jordan Harrison-Twist


02.02.2018, by Steve Slack