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Katrina Palmer, The Necropolitan Line

21.12.2015, by Anna Ratcliffe

Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield

07.12.2015, by Clare Nadal

Bedrooms and Bombsites: Matthew Crawley’s Life Cycle of a Mould Mite and Thomas Hirschhorn’s In-Between

07.12.2015, by Lara Eggleton

Paul Neagu: Palpable Sculpture

19.11.2015, by Clare Nadal

The Feast Wagon

26.10.2015, by Lara Eggleton

Magali Reus: Particle of Inch

12.10.2015, by Clare Nadal

Paul Bramley and Jenny Eden


More room for error: Nicola Ellis

28.08.2015, by Clare Nadal

Lucy Beech: Me and Mine

04.08.2015, by Elspeth Mitchell

Medieval helpdesk, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

23.07.2015, by Paul Bramley

Common Bodies

13.07.2015, by Ashleigh Owen

Plaster: Casts and Copies

13.07.2015, by Clare Nadal

Going to Ost, Book Launch and Exhibition

19.06.2015, by Michael Butterworth

Simeon Barclay: Man’s Not Ready

17.06.2015, by Hatty Nestor

Gary Barker: New Territories of the Filth Dimension

12.06.2015, by Paul Bramley

Fay Ballard: House Clearance

26.05.2015, by Bob Dickinson

Roadside Museum

25.05.2015, by Alice Bradshaw

Painting in Time

18.05.2015, by Paul Bramley

Lynda Benglis

15.05.2015, by Amy Tobin

Michael Fullerton: Prussian Blue

08.05.2015, by Orla Foster

Blind Gallery: Graeme Durant

26.04.2015, by Matthew Merrick

High Line

24.04.2015, by Lara Eggleton

Spit Me Out Said My Ashes To Their Urn, GRRG, Kennington

08.04.2015, by Ellen Sankey