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Remembering the Bauhaus in Playing by Eye

28.12.2018, by Samantha Broadhead

Simeon Barclay: Bus2move

12.11.2018, by Laura Clarke

Senga Nengudi

28.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

Tai Shani: Semiramis

09.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

Chris Alton and Liam Geary Baulch: The Ballad of The White Ship

13.08.2018, by Saffron Ward

Adventures in Ekphrasis: a Report, a Consideration

12.08.2018, by Emma Bolland

Harriet Rickard: Poor Image Projects

27.07.2018, by Anna Ratcliffe

Andy & Peter Holden: Natural Selection

29.06.2018, by Natalie Bradbury

Leeds Degree Show Round-up

25.06.2018, by Louis D’Arcy-Reed

Material Environments

17.05.2018, by Louis D’Arcy-Reed

Anne Hardy: Falling and Walking (phhhhhhhhhhh phossshhhhh crrhhhhzzz mn huaooogh)

11.04.2018, by Jack Welsh

Paint North

29.03.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

Aggregate closing event and publication launch


Queerology: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

22.03.2018, by Alice Bradshaw

Madiha Aijaz: These Silences Are All the Words

27.02.2018, by Fiona Allen

Rebecca Lowe: Inhabiting Stone

30.01.2018, by Derek Horton

Saelia Aparicio: Your Consequences Have Actions

10.01.2018, by Robbie di Vito

Jill & Josh & Their Dead Petz

06.01.2018, by Saffron Ward

A Feminist Space at Leeds: Looking Back to Think Forwards

09.12.2017, by Lucy Holt

These Northern Types

06.12.2017, by Jay Drinkall

No Two People: Andrew Lister & Rosie Vohra

18.11.2017, by Liam McCabe

Artist Rooms: Joseph Beuys

06.11.2017, by Tessa Norton

Lisa-Marie Dickinson: Mother Tongue

02.11.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

David Sowerby: The Idles That Habit Forms

25.10.2017, by Derek Horton

Notes From Another India: Mark Lapore & Ruchir Joshi

25.09.2017, by Richard Hudson-Miles

Joseph Buckley: Brotherhood Tapestry

12.09.2017, by Georgia Taylor Aguilar

Laurence Figgis: (After) After

06.09.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture

29.08.2017, by Saffron Ward

Bethan Hughes: Bodies of Water

06.08.2017, by David Steans

Approaching Nocturne

01.08.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

Refinding: Jessie Flood-Paddock with Kenneth Armitage

03.07.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

So What of the Future

02.07.2017, by Saffron Ward

Barry Flanagan: Light Pieces and other works

21.06.2017, by Gertrude Gibbons

Stella Baraklianou: Island. The Wind Constantly

16.05.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

David Steans: Crime World

02.05.2017, by Bethan Hughes

Aleksandra Domanović: Votives

11.04.2017, by Simon Boase