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A person standing against a plain background. They are wearing a huge turquoise costume and mask, which extends their shape to appear like an arrowhead.

How to be a Dyslexic Artist & Other Stories

30.08.2019, by Daniel Potts

A map with a sticker showing 'You are here'.

East Leeds Project: an interview with Kerry Harker and Claire Irving

30.08.2019, by Joanna Jowett

A selection of photographs, personal documentation and ephemera, including a passport.


07.08.2019, by Joanna Byrne

A still from a black and white film, showing two children playing and interacting together.

Pavilion Artists Moving Image Network: Screening Weekend

01.08.2019, by Nina de Paula Hanika

An old photograph of a shoreline scene, with a ship docked close to the land. Bulbous shapes have been collaged onto the image.

Karl Vickers: Publicly-Funded Minerals

27.07.2019, by Joanna Byrne

A park with a large monument. Two people dressed in all white push and pull at the sides of the statue and plinth.

James Thompson and Annabel Taylor-Munt: Parallel Architectures IIIII

26.07.2019, by Catriona McAra

A selection of large sculptures positioned outdoors in an urban environment.

Nika Neelova and Holly Hendry at The Tetley

28.06.2019, by Karen Tobias-Green

New Writing with New Contemporaries – artists announced!


A green gallery wall featuring two artworks. On the left, a black and white image of rockface with a building in the background. On the right a drawing of a rock or mineral.

Ilana Halperin: Minerals of New York

01.05.2019, by Lauren Velvick

Two people stand in a white wall gallery, they are watching artists' films on TV screens throughout the space.

Kannan Arunasalam: The Tent

03.04.2019, by Amelia Crouch

a black and white image showing whales moving underwater.

Here Be Whales

24.03.2019, by Karen Tobias-Green

A table with pieces of white broken porcelain. People are sitting at the table, just their hands can be seen mending and piecing items back together in new formations.

Yoko Ono at Leeds Arts University

27.02.2019, by Joanna Jowett

The silhouette of a person in front of a light projection.

Being in the Ultiverse

20.02.2019, by Samra Mayanja

A white gallery space filled with sculptures and visitors.

Who’s Seen Jerome?

06.02.2019, by Saffron Ward

Many pairs of plaster cast feet fill an old hall.

Eva Mileusnic and Bob Birch: Critical Mass

04.02.2019, by Stu Hansom

An image of three cut-out artworks against a dark green wall. They depict a vase, a star or sun, and a trio of hills.

Remembering the Bauhaus in Playing by Eye

28.12.2018, by Samantha Broadhead

An artist's film screened in a gallery space. On screen is a view of a person's legs in blue light. In the surrounding gallery is a neon green work lighting the room.

Simeon Barclay: Bus2move

12.11.2018, by Laura Clarke

A black and white image of a body in the crab position. The back of their head and arms are visible to the viewer, while the rest of their body is foreshortened. Protruding from their body, and extending up onto the walls, are black fabric strings.

Senga Nengudi

28.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

A view of a colourful and complex art installation. There are lots of sculptural objects and shapes in shades of pale pink, blue, green and yellow.

Tai Shani: Semiramis

09.10.2018, by Rachel Graves

An installation with a series of flags in dark blue with a white design. On the white wall behind is an illustration of a person falling.

Chris Alton and Liam Geary Baulch: The Ballad of The White Ship

13.08.2018, by Saffron Ward

People gather in a gallery space for a performance.

Adventures in Ekphrasis: a Report, a Consideration

12.08.2018, by Emma Bolland

A view of a darkened room, with an artist's film projected on the back wall.

Harriet Rickard: Poor Image Projects

27.07.2018, by Anna Ratcliffe

A large sculpture in a gallery. It is composed of twigs, branches and leaves forming the shape of a bower (an inverted arch)

Andy & Peter Holden: Natural Selection

29.06.2018, by Natalie Bradbury

A view of a gallery space with white walls and pink floor. There are many works throughout the space, including freestanding sculptures and paintings on the wall.

Leeds Degree Show Round-up

25.06.2018, by Louis D’Arcy-Reed

A room in a gallery with wooden floor and panelled walls. The room seems to be entirely filled by a large red ball. A visitor stands beside it.

Material Environments

17.05.2018, by Louis D’Arcy-Reed

A room suffused with orange and peach light. In a circle, a view of a pillar is visible. Several objects such as a twig are visible resting on the floor.

Anne Hardy: Falling and Walking (phhhhhhhhhhh phossshhhhh crrhhhhzzz mn huaooogh)

11.04.2018, by Jack Welsh

An abstract painting in white and cream, made up of individual rectangles and grids.

Paint North

29.03.2018, by Karen Tobias-Green

Aggregate closing event and publication launch


A person looks at an artwork mounted on the gallery wall. The work shows a person's back, overwritten with text.

Queerology: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

22.03.2018, by Alice Bradshaw

A darkened room with three artist's films showing a man, some bookshelves and a view through a round window.

Madiha Aijaz: These Silences Are All the Words

27.02.2018, by Fiona Allen

A view of a gallery wall in dark blue, with a wooden floor. Seven framed works are hung on the wall.

Rebecca Lowe: Inhabiting Stone

30.01.2018, by Derek Horton

A hanging sculpture depicting a brain, with cloud like forms. it is made from plywood with coloured glass inserts. The shadow of the work falls on the wall behind, where it intertwines with a drawing in black on the white surface.

Saelia Aparicio: Your Consequences Have Actions

10.01.2018, by Robbie di Vito

A large fabric wall covering in shades of green, blue and red. The shapes of animals can be made out. On the floor in front are small sculptures, and other works can be seen hung on the walls of the room.

Jill & Josh & Their Dead Petz

06.01.2018, by Saffron Ward

View of a gallery space with white walls and pale wooden floor. There are several works visible: a vitrine with black legs and several small TVs screening artists' films.

A Feminist Space at Leeds: Looking Back to Think Forwards

09.12.2017, by Lucy Holt

A close up of a print in dark blue, with fragmented letter forms in white.

These Northern Types

06.12.2017, by Jay Drinkall

A gallery space with white walls and chequered floor. Several artworks are hung on the wall and a few are on the floor.

No Two People: Andrew Lister & Rosie Vohra

18.11.2017, by Liam McCabe