Elspeth Mitchell

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Michael Flechtner: Animating Neon

28.11.2017, by Lisa-Marie Dickinson

No Two People: Andrew Lister & Rosie Vohra

18.11.2017, by Liam McCabe

Alina Szapocznikow: Human Landscapes

08.11.2017, by Liam McCabe

Artist Rooms: Joseph Beuys

06.11.2017, by Tessa Norton

Lisa-Marie Dickinson: Mother Tongue

02.11.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

David Sowerby: The Idles That Habit Forms

25.10.2017, by Derek Horton

Marine Art: Ernst Haeckel

13.10.2017, by Jay Drinkall

Lubaina Himid Turner Prize George Vasey

Turner Prize 2017

09.10.2017, by Orla Foster

Lucy Vann: Test Bed #1

07.10.2017, by Lucy Holt

Notes From Another India: Mark Lapore & Ruchir Joshi

25.09.2017, by Richard Hudson-Miles

A Turn Out in Hull

21.09.2017, by Orla Foster

Joseph Buckley: Brotherhood Tapestry

12.09.2017, by Georgia Taylor Aguilar

Laurence Figgis: (After) After

06.09.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

Jamie Reid: Ragged Kingdom

02.09.2017, by Richard Hudson-Miles

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture

29.08.2017, by Saffron Ward

Anita Corbin: Visible Girls Revisited

09.08.2017, by Orla Foster

Bethan Hughes: Bodies of Water

06.08.2017, by David Steans

Approaching Nocturne

01.08.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

Refinding: Jessie Flood-Paddock with Kenneth Armitage

03.07.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green

So What of the Future

02.07.2017, by Saffron Ward


27.06.2017, by Lisa-Marie Dickinson

Mother River: Yan Wang Preston

24.06.2017, by Abi Mitchell

Barry Flanagan: Light Pieces and other works

21.06.2017, by Gertrude Gibbons

Everything Flows

20.06.2017, by David McLeavy

Bad Practice: A centre for collective action

29.05.2017, by Lara Eggleton

Stella Baraklianou: Island. The Wind Constantly

16.05.2017, by Karen Tobias-Green