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A sculpture of the gorilla character King Kong. The gorilla's arms are outstretched. The background is a black tiled building.

Latent Voices: How public art of the past can speak in the present

Henry Moore Institute, BALTIC, Bessie Surtees House

14.02.2017, by Amelia Crouch

A detailed drawing of a woman as a cowboy, in typical hat and neckerchief.

What if John Wayne were a woman?

09.02.2017, by Elspeth Mitchell

A series of three sculptural gourds arranged together. They are grey in colour, with hints of orange and peach.

Gourd Grief: Consuming without Conscience

12.01.2017, by Abi Mitchell

A photograph of some shelves in a bedroom. On the shelves are personal objects, likely belonging to a young girl. Many of the objects are pink, including a lamp and radio. There are stickers on the wall to the right of the shelves.

Bedrooms and Bombsites: Matthew Crawley’s Life Cycle of a Mould Mite and Thomas Hirschhorn’s In-Between

07.12.2015, by Lara Eggleton

A photograph of a northern train station platform in the UK.

Editorial: Creating a Cultural Corridor

25.10.2015, by Lauren Velvick

An image of water, with sunlight flooding in from a window and creating turquoise shapes on the surface.

Spotlight: Tuvalu Pavillion, La Biennale di Venezia

19.09.2015, by Jane Lawson

A drawing and watercolour showing a person standing at a door to a garden.

Fay Ballard: House Clearance

26.05.2015, by Bob Dickinson