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LOOK/17: Liverpool International Photography Festival

18.04.2017, by Jack Roe

FYI: Rory Macbeth × Institutional Collaborative Systems

24.03.2017, by Maja Lorkowska

Stephen Forge: Downwards

20.03.2017, by Devon Forrester-Jones

Public View

20.02.2017, by Laura Rushton

North: Identity, Photography, Fashion

30.01.2017, by Anthony Ellis

Tracey Emin and William Blake: In Focus

18.10.2016, by Claire Walker

ABC Cinema, Liverpool Biennial 2016

15.10.2016, by Anthony Ellis

Different Trains

04.10.2016, by Simon Ward

Dark Matter Symposium: The Unseen World of Artist Led Activity

12.09.2016, by Sean Ketteringham

Franko B


Josh Whitaker & Perce Jerrom, Mayhem Totes, Michaelangelo, Serge de Nîmes, The Death Suite: Binary Control Van Halen, The Death Suite: Chair etc.

14.07.2016, by Sean Ketteringham

On to the next, MUESLI

16.06.2016, by Jonathan Ferguson

Light Night Commission: Afloat, in Land, Leggate Theatre

09.06.2016, by Claire Walker

Live Laugh Love: The White Pube, MUESLI

09.06.2016, by Felicity Black

Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms

19.05.2016, by Eli Regan

Open 2: Pieces of You

10.05.2016, by Claire Walker

Double Act: Art and Comedy

22.04.2016, by Anthony Ellis

(It’s All) Tropical present Blind Date

02.03.2016, by James Harper

Simon Job: Painting, Photography and Collage

27.02.2016, by Claire Walker

Winter Exhibition Launch

07.02.2016, by Simon Ward

Slower Volumes by James Parkinson

02.02.2016, by Jon Ferguson

Liverpool Provocations: A Series of Artistic Interruptions

30.01.2016, by Simon Ward


22.12.2015, by Anthony Ellis

Works To Know By Heart: Matisse In Focus & The Imagined Museum

07.12.2015, by James Harper

Niamh O’Malley: Glasshouse

23.11.2015, by Jack Welsh

Liverpool Biennial: Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists’ Social Initiatives, The Black-E

11.11.2015, by Jake Thorne

Old Woman on a Roof

04.11.2015, by Simon Ward

Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots

16.10.2015, by Claire Walker

Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions

10.10.2015, by Eli Regan

Down in the Dumps

28.09.2015, by James Schofield

Henry Northcroft Brown and Joseph Whitmore



05.08.2015, by James Harper

Peter Fraser: A City in the Mind

16.07.2015, by Georgina Wright

Deep Hedonia & A Small Cinema present BROADCAST

29.06.2015, by Jake Thorne

Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing

19.06.2015, by James Harper

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival: Shaping Change: Women, Art and Culture symposium

16.06.2015, by Claire Walker